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19/00124/FUL | Erection of 66 bed care home with associated car parking, access and landscaping | Land Adjacent 613 Chester Road Cuddington Northwich Cheshire
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Parish Council E-Consultation

Consultation Date: Mon 01 Jul 2019

Weaver And Cuddington Ward

Consultation Date: Wed 30 Jan 2019

Environmental Protection Team

Comment Date: Fri 10 May 2019

Thank you for the consultation, the following comments relate to land contamination, other environmental protection issues will be commented on separately.

The following report has been submitted and reviewed:

-Calabrian, Geoenvironmnetal appraisal of land at Chester Road Sandiway, Report ref 5091/2A October 2018

The report provides an acceptable assessment of the site with regard to land contamination for the proposed development, and based on the finding of the investigations no remediation is considered necessary. As a precaution please can you add the following condition for unexpected contamination to any grant in permission for the site.

If, during the course of development, unexpected contamination is identified, additional measures for the remediation of this source of contamination shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority.
The site shall be remediated in accordance with the approved remediation measures and written confirmation that the work has been completed provided to the local planning authority for approval prior to occupation commencing (unless otherwise agreed with the local planning authority).

Comment Date: Mon 01 Apr 2019

The Environmental Protection Unit has no objection to this proposal in principle, however in order to protect the amenity of nearby residential properties I would strongly recommend inclusion of the following Conditions:

1. Details of all external lighting to the hall, teaching block and car park shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the local planning authority before the development is occupied or brought into use. The scheme shall be designed to ensure no light spillage (zero lux) at the elevations of the nearby sensitive properties.
Any lighting scheme should be designed in accordance with the Institution of Lighting Engineers┐ Guidance Notes for the Reduction of Light Pollution.

Such details shall include:-
a) the equipment and supporting structures, together with isolux drawings to demonstrate the levels of illumination within the site and the amount of any overspill of lighting beyond the site boundaries.
b) the hours at which the lighting is to be operated.
c) the development shall not be occupied or brought into use until the lighting scheme has been constructed in accordance with the approved details and no external lighting shall be operated other than in accordance with details approved by the local planning authority.

2. The rating level of noise emitted from externally sited fixed plant and equipment shall be 5dB(A) less than the background at any time as measured at noise sensitive receptors. The measurements shall be made according to BS 4142:2014 - Methods for rating and assessing industrial and commercial sound

3. Before the commencement of development commencement a scheme to control cooking odours and fan noise from the premises shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority.
The scheme shall:
a) Be designed in accordance with the guidelines set out in the Defra report ┐Guidance on the Control of Odour and Noise from Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Systems┐
b) Ensure that there is no increase in background levels at the nearest residential properties and that noise levels from the site will be 10dB(A) below background at the nearest residential property.
The agreed scheme shall be implemented in full prior to the use hereby permitted is commenced and retained thereafter. All equipment shall be cleaned and maintained according to manufacturers recommendations.

4. Prior to the commencement of development a scheme for refuse disposal, including food waste, shall be submitted to and approved in writing by the Local Planning Authority. The approved scheme shall be implemented prior to the first use of the development hereby approved and adhered to thereafter.

In terms of the construction / demolition phase of the development the following Conditions shall be attached

5. Unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority no operations associated with the demolition and construction phases shall be carried out on the site except between the hours of 08:00 ┐ 18:00 Monday to Friday and between the hours of 08:00 ┐ 13:00 on Saturday. No activities shall take place on the premises on Sundays and Bank Holidays.

6. Unless otherwise agreed in writing with the Local Planning Authority no deliveries shall be taken at or dispatched from the site during the demolition and construction phases except between the hours of 08:00 ┐ 18:00 Monday to Fridays, 08:00 ┐ 13:00 on Saturdays and no deliveries Sundays or Bank Holidays.

7. Before the commencement of operations on site the location of the site office and construction compound shall be approved in writing by the local planning authority.

8. No operations requiring piling or subsurface vibration ground improvement techniques shall be carried out on the site unless, details of the work, monitoring and environmental controls proposed have been supplied to and agreed in writing with the local planning authority. All such works to be undertaken in complete accordance with the agreed scheme

This Unit would highlight that the local plan, adopted January 2015, requires all appropriate new residential and commercial developments to provide plug in recharging points secured through planning conditions and section 106 agreements.

In line with our emerging Low Emissions Strategy for Cheshire West and Chester we would identify the following provision is likely to be required as a minimum.

All houses with at least one off-street parking space or garage space - one charging point per house.

At least one or 10%, (whichever is the greater) parking spaces must be marked out for use by electric vehicles only, together with an adequate charging infrastructure and cabling for each marked bay.

Please note: This response does not refer to any potential contaminated land issues. Please refer to the prevalidation response (if any) and any response from this Section┐s Contaminated Land Officers. Also, this response does not refer to any potential food safety or health and safety issues. Please refer to the officers at

Mr Antony Lungley, Highways

Comment Date: Mon 29 Apr 2019


Application for the erection of a 66 bed care home with associated car parking, access and landscaping, land adjacent 613 Chester Road, Cuddington. Whilst the proposal is residential in nature it falls within Class C2 Residential Institution use.

The applicants supporting statement indicates that the scheme enables the care home to provide for two types of care, general residential and residential dementia, its plan layout allows the home to be spilt into the separate care requirements. It is estimated that the sixty-six bed care home proposed would provide for approximately 46 jobs, this represents the total employment generation, however, due to the shift patterns operated in the home, the applicant anticipates that the maximum number of staff on site at any one time would be 16.

Access to Site:

It is proposed that vehicular access to the application site will be afforded by improving the existing access taken from the A556 Chester Road, details of which would need to be agreed with the Local Planning Authority.

On Site Car and Cycle Parking:

A total of 18 No. car parking spaces (including 2 No. disabled/mobility spaces) are proposed as well as an ambulance/taxi drop-off area. It is considered that the nature of the proposed development would make it reasonable to expect that the level of car ownership amongst the care home residents to be lower than amongst the residents of typical market housing scheme. However, whilst the provision does accord with the adopted CWaC Parking Supplementary Planning Document I consider that given the location, limited public transport/cycling and walking facilities and the resulting reliance of travel to the site by car, I would have concerns about the number of parking spaces provided. A satisfactory number of secure and covered cycle parking spaces will also need to be provided.

Traffic Generation:

It is anticipated that the number and type of vehicular trips generated by this care home proposal would not give rise to a significant impact on the flows and operation of the A556, however, I do consider there is the potential for pedestrian highway safety concerns.


It is noted that it is the applicants intention for a proposed local community care facility occupied by local people and staffed by local people but it must be realised that this cannot be controlled or guaranteed.

A range of local facilities and nearby services is important to community living. The sites location to existing local services and amenities and the likely profile of trips associated with this type of use would create additional travel by car. There is no footway provision along the application site frontage on Chester Road although there is a nearby reduced height pedestrian island refuge to the east and a footway on the opposite side of the road. Nevertheless, given Chester Road is subject to a 40mph speed limit, the speed and existing heavy volumes of traffic would be of concern and a potential hazard when attempting to cross Chester Road, particularly for more vulnerable user groups as is the case here.


I consider that the main issue here is the fact that, given existing highway conditions, the proposal could be deemed to be on the ┐wrong┐ side of the road. I see the A556 as a physical barrier for pedestrians, separating the elderly residents, staff and visitors from the main part of the community. Access to and from the site would therefore require people who weren't coming by car (staff/visitors/ even some residents who ventured out by foot) to try and cross the main Chester Road. Where housing for older people and those with mobility impairment is proposed the applicant needs to demonstrate how the scheme can deliver safe and direct access.

I have considered the impact on highway safety on the merits of the proposed use, location, accessibility and prevailing traffic conditions, these factors make the proposed use a highway safety concern and having considered the submitted information I consider that this use, in this location, would have an unacceptable detrimental impact on highway safety and for that reason I feel I could not support this proposal as it stands.

Biodiversity Team

Comment Date: Thu 14 Mar 2019


Lead Local Flood Authority

Comment Date: Wed 27 Feb 2019

Comments received on 20.02.2019 can be viewed via document tab

Parish Council E-Consultation

Comment Date: Tue 19 Feb 2019

The Parish Council recommends refusal of this planning application due to:

The proposal conflicts with the polices in the recently 'made' Neighbourhood Plan.

The development would be detrimental to the safety and free flow of traffic on a trunk road, in fact it would induce vehicles to manoeuvre on the trunk road carriageway to enter and leave the site at the access point.

The application does not account for a sensible parking provision for staff/visitors.

3 nursing/care homes in the parish are not operating at capacity so there is no proven need for another nursing/care home.

National Grid Plant Protection Team

Comment Date: Fri 08 Feb 2019


Should you be minded to approve this application please can the following notes be included an informative note for the Applicant

Considerations in relation to gas pipeline s identified on site:

Cadent have identified operational gas apparatus within the application site boundary. This may include a legal interest (easements or wayleaves) in the land which restricts activity in proximity to Cadent assets in private land. The Applicant must ensure that proposed works do not infringe on Cadent legal rights and any details of such restrictions should be obtained from the landowner in the first instance.

If buildings or structures are proposed directly above the gas apparatus then development should only take place following a diversion of this apparatus. The Applicant should contact Cadent Plant Protection Team at the earliest opportunity to discuss proposed diversions of apparatus to avoid any unnecessary delays.

If any construction traffic is likely to cross a Cadent pipeline then the Applicant must contact Cadent Plant Protection Team to see if any protection measures are required.

All developers are required to contact Cadent Plant Protection Team for approval before carrying out any works on site and ensuring requirements are adhered to.

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