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17/01349/DIS | Discharge of condition 5 (construction traffic management plan) of planning permission 10/00691/DECC ( for an energy from waste fuelled generating station | Tata Chemicals Europe Ltd Works Lane Northwich CW9 7NU
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8 Ollershaw Lane Marston Northwich Cheshire West And Chester CW9 6ES

Comment submitted date: Wed 19 Apr 2017

I would strongly like to object to this condition being discharged.
The proposal does not comply with the original permission and has changed considerably so you must not agree to these changes.
TATA must have to submit a new application which should be dealt with at a local level by sensible people who have knowledge of where the incinerator is in relation to thousands of houses.
The original consent was granted by Ed Davey who does not live in this area and was done at government level by someone who has no idea what they are talking about. It is unthinkable that you are even considering letting this go through - the proposal by TATA is to transport over half a million tonnes every year of unprocessable waste to burn from other areas into a residential area.
In addition, you must take into account what the original consent was given on the basis of, the plant it is supposedly supporting with energy front waste has only a limited future so by the time the plant is operation it will be redundant other than to burn other boroughs waste.
Cheshire has more than enough incinerators so it DOES NOT NEED THIS.
Common sense is the only course of action.
Please do not discharge this condition.
Colin Hubbard

31 School Lane Lostock Gralam Northwich Cheshire CW9 7PT

Comment submitted date: Mon 17 Apr 2017

The removal of any conditions from this application will go against the wishes of local residents. The application as a whole would be detrimental to those who live in the area and another site must be considered instead.

10 Silverlea Road Lostock Gralam Northwich CW9 7FE

Comment submitted date: Sun 16 Apr 2017

I also wish to strongly object to the proposed planning applications for the TATA Ltd waste incinerator plant situated on Works Lane, Lostock Gralam, CW9 7ND and all related appications.

My reasons for objecting are very much in line with the comments already stated which include:

Close proximity to residential areas and Schools.
Large increase in road traffic, congestion, pollution, toxic fumes and associated noise nuisance from 7am - 7pm through increased number of HGVs
Depreciation in property values for hundreds of homes in local area including own.
Emission discharged into the atmosphere and the impact on general health, and the longer term effects.
The fact that the Dong site has already been approved is bad enough, we do not need any further incinerators being built in our town.

6 Lodge Lane Lostock Gralam Northwich Cheshire CW9 7PH

Comment submitted date: Fri 14 Apr 2017

I wish to log a complaint about this planning application from TATA. It must not be allowed to go ahead. This sort of plant should be miles away from residential areas not on our doorstep. Apart from the roads not being able to cope with all the extra lorries what about all the toxins in the air and the health of all of our children and grandchildren.

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51 Pennymoor Drive Middlewich CW10 9QP

Comment submitted date: Wed 12 Apr 2017

Construction Traffic Management Plan.
Para 2.6 - wheel wash provided, but no indication of compulsion to use.

Para 2.9 - If the A530 is a "high standard road", how come HGVs can only fit on the section south of the site?

Para 2.11 - the actual route from the south side is M6 (Junction 18) / A54 / B5309 / A530. This means that the HGVs will be using a lower classification of road for part of the journey.

Para 3.6 & 3.11 - how would a contractors vehicle parked on Griffiths Road be identified? Who will monitor? How far along Griffiths Road will be monitored?

3 Tennyson Close Northwich Cheshire CW9 7GF

Comment submitted date: Thu 06 Apr 2017

This plant would be detrimental to Northwich and the wider area, planning for a similar site in Middlewich was declined and the same reasons for this apply to Northwich. There are many homes close to this site which will have personal, financial and health implications for the people living there.

9 Shores Green Drive Wincham Northwich Cheshire West And Chester CW9 6EE

Comment submitted date: Wed 05 Apr 2017

I object to the building the plant in it's entirety. It is cheek-by-jowl with housing, a matter of meters from the highways and in an area of geology that is not entirely understood due to the indiscriminate salt mining in the past two centuries.
Northwich is no longer a "soft touch" for big business to rape. Precedence is not justification.

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